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Cardiff Lettings -

Has a SAFE kitemark – all SAFE agents have client money protection.

Is a member of two professional bodies which are the National Approved Lettings Scheme and the Property Ombudsman and are therefore signed up to approved standards of practice.

Provide their tenants with a written tenancy agreement so that you know what you are responsible for, such as who pays utility bills, how long the tenancy is for and arrangements for paying the rent.

Carry out an Inventory at the start of the tenancy in your presence for you to agree to. This will make things easier over the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Protect your deposit in a government authorized Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme. This is a legal requirement if you have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

Provide their tenants with a gas safety certificate if there are gas appliances in the property. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have an annual gas safety check carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and to provide the certificate to you within 28 days of each annual check.

Provide their tenants with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which shows you the energy performance of the property which will have an impact on the gas and electricity bills.

Encourage their landlords to carry out electrical safety checks. There is no legal requirement to have an electrical safety certificate but the landlord does have a duty to keep electrical installations in proper working order and to ensure that any electrical equipment supplied with the property is safe.

Encourage their landlords to install and maintain a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (this is not a legal requirement but is regarded as best practice).

Would you consider renting a property from an agent or landlord who doesn’t do the above? If you are, think again.

Fees for Tenants or Prospective Tenants

Agency Fee: ½ months’ rent +vat - Payable per property (not per applicant). Payment at the time of making an application for a property will reserve the property whilst references and checks are being carried out. Non-refundable. Includes Reservation of a property, Initial Tenancy Agreement, Inventory In/Out, Setting up Utility Accounts/Council Tax Notification.
Credit Check/Referencing: £25 +vat = £30 - Payable per credit check/Reference for each applicant.
Deposit Administration: £50 +vat = £60 - Registration and administration of the deposit.
Tenancy Amendment: £100 +vat = £120 - Payable if contracts need to be amended and reissued.
Tenancy Renewal: ¼ month’s rent +vat - Payable per property (not per tenant). This will cover the cost of preparing and arranging the renewal tenancy. NOTE there will be a further charge of £25 +vat = £30 if the resign appointment must be rescheduled due to delay in receiving required documents agreement.
Schedule of charges for late payment of rent/other invoices:
General administration charge for processing late payment £50 +vat = £60.
Per Phone Call/Text/E-mail £10 +vat = £12.
Per Arrears letter £25 +vat = £30.
Per Invoice (charges & interest) £25 +vat each = £30.
Per Visit to your home £50 +vat = £60.
Issue court proceedings £100 +vat = £120.
Serving Notice £45 +vat = £54.
These late payment charges only apply if action is taken where considered necessary. You are advised to notify us immediately in writing if you have any problems making payments on time.
Interest Charges: 15% +vat - Interest payable on any late payment.
Breach of Contract:
General administration charge per Breach of contract £50 +vat = £60.
Per Phone Call/Text/E-mail £10 +vat = £12.
Per Letter £10 +vat = £12.
Per Invoice (charges & interest ) £25 +vat each = £30.
Per Visit to your home £50 +vat = £60.
Issue court proceedings £100 +vat = £120
Serving Notice £45 +vat = £54.
These charges only apply regarding any issue that is in breach of your contract e.g. Nuisance.
Cheque or Other Banking Payment returned: £50 +vat = £60 - This fee will be payable if a Cheque or Other Banking Payment is returned unpaid by your bank at any time.
Call Out Charges:
Provide access using spare set of keys:9.00am - 5.00pm, Mon–Fri £50 +vat = £60 thereafter until Midnight, Mon – Fri £100 +vat = £120.
Replacement standard keys £10 +vat = £12 each.
Replacement fobs or specialist keys – Variable (+ P&P) plus £10 +vat = £12 admin fee per fob/key.
These charges are applied if there is any issue regarding access into the property. Further charges may apply if a contractor is involved e.g. change of locks.
Administration Fees:
Work arrangement fee if work done on your behalf £15 +vat = £18.
Overpayment refunded to a nominated account £25 +vat = £30.
Request for any references/other documentation £25 +vat = £30.
Replacement copy of Inventory/Contract £50 +vat = £60.
Missed Appointment Charge £35 +vat = £42.
Out of Hours Appointment by request £100 +vat = £120.
Any delays in the checkout process caused by the tenant £50 +vat = £60.
Request to deal with a third party regarding tenancy £125 +vat = £150.
All other administrative processes £40 +vat = £48.
You will be charged £50 +vat = £60 if a token meter is installed at any time during your tenancy without written permission from the landlord/agent. If the meter key to a token meter is not given to the Agent at the end of a tenancy there will be a charge of £50 +vat = £60.
Additional charges £25 +vat = £30 will apply for processing cash over £500, increasing to £50 +vat = £60 if over £2000 & further £10 +vat = £12 per £1000 thereafter. Termination of your tenancy: If a landlord agrees to release you from your contract at any stage before the fixed term end date, you would be liable for an early termination fee of ½ month’s rent +vat (50% of rent +vat = 60%)and you will also be liable for any other costs incurred as a result of your termination of contract.
Booking out charges:
Any maintenance issues at the end of your tenancy will be charged accordance with the Booking Out Information Appendix that forms part of your contract; however this is not a conclusive list of costs. Specific issues not listed will be assessed and priced up accordingly - As detailed in your contract or otherwise individually assessed and priced up.
Client money protection: Cardiff Lettings is a member of a client money protection scheme.
Redress scheme: Cardiff Lettings is a member of a redress scheme and the name of the scheme is The Property Ombudsman.
BOOKING OUT: Keys and Fobs: You will be charged for any lost standard keys at £10 +vat = £12 per key. You will be charged for any lost or damaged door/gate fobs or specialist keys plus p & p at a cost set by the Managing Agent and also an administration fee of £10 +vat = £12 per fob/key. Contract Cleaning: There is an in house professional cleaning facility available should you require this service. Cost of full clean throughout: Studio £100 +vat = £120 1 Bed £150 +vat = £180 2 Bed £200 +vat = £240 3 Bed £300 +vat = £360 plus £60 including vat per additional room. You may elect to clean the property yourself; however costs will be incurred if the property or items within (e.g. oven, microwave etc) are not cleaned to the standard set by the inventory, which was signed by you on your moving in date. You will be charged as above for a full clean throughout, or £30 +vat = £36 for one individual item & £15 +vat = £18 for each individual item thereafter. Please note that the above charges do not include cost of any specialised cleaning, repair or replacement of anything within the property (e.g. carpets / upholstery etc. that are soiled /damaged, or need to be chemically cleaned). Fridge/Freezer: You will be charged £45 +vat = £54 if the freezer is not defrosted correctly and subject to further charges if defrosted ice is not captured and removed without spilling onto the floor. Doors, Walls and Ceilings: General wear and tear will be taken into consideration for the period of your tenancy. However, you will be charged for any marks, or damage (e.g. holes), which is considered to be above and beyond general wear & tear. You will also be charged for any marks from picture hooks that have been removed. Cardiff Lettings will source out an appropriate contractor & quotes will be provided to you for the cost of any repairs & redecoration. Replacement Bulbs & Smoke Alarms:It is your responsibility to replace & install any bulbs & batteries as necessary. If any bulbs or batteries are identified as requiring replacement on your moving out date you will be charged Minimum £10 + VAT per bulb/battery, but this price will vary depending on unit cost of Bulb/Battery to be installed by a suitably qualified electrician.(NB. A works arrangement fee will also be charged)(NB if bulbs/batteries are replaced but left for Cardiff Lettings to install, the works arrangement fee will still apply). Mattress: You will be charged without question for the replacement of any soiled items. Damaged Items: It is your responsibility to notify Cardiff Lettings immediately of any items in the property that are damaged or not working correctly so that we can arrange to have them repaired/replaced. However, if it is deemed that the item has been damaged as a result of negligence then you will be charged for the cost of repair, or replacement of the item. Missing Items: You will be charged for the replacement of any items that do not belong to you. Left Items: You will be charged £40 +vat = £48 per item for the removal & disposal of any large personal belongings that are left in the property not belonging to the Landlord e.g. furniture. Smaller items, such as pots & pans will charged at £5 +vat = £6 per item. General waste will be charged at £10 +vat = £12 per black bag. Cardiff Lettings will not be held liable for the storage, or return of any such items. Internet Accounts: You will incur further administrative charges if you do not close any internet accounts opened. Split Bond: If Split Bond Payments are requested a £15.00 +vat = £18 charge will be levied per payment/cheque sent. Standing Orders/Direct Debits: Please ensure that you cancel any Standing Orders/Direct Debits for payment of rent. This should be done after the last due payment of rent has been paid. You will be charged £25 +vat = £30 administration fee for the return of any payment made in error. References: There is a charge £25 +vat = £30 administration fee for a reference from Cardiff Lettings. Inventory: A replacement inventory can be provided at a cost of £50 +vat = £60 administration fee. Any works carried out through Cardiff Lettings will be subject to a work arrangement fee of £15 +VAT = £18 per arrangement (See Terms of Lettings) (NB This charge does not apply if there is an administration fee)


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£750 PCM +Bond/Fees
  • Cardiff Bay
  • Apartment
  • 1 bedrooms
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